NIN Ghosts I-II

Starring: Mia Wahlberg

Back in 2008 the band nine inch nails hosted a film festival for their album ghosts. Trent Reznor asked his fans to make visuals and/or music videos to accompany any of the 33 tracks on the album and provided free .mp3’s for everyone to use. These tracks were unique in the fact that they had zero vocals and did not have track names. He didn’t want to influence anyone with lyrics or titles and wanted to see how the music moved the people. It was kind of a social experiment of sorts to see what people would create based off how the music made them feel. I chose Ghosts I-II for my video.

Mia and child (Photo courtesy of: Rosemary Longchamps)

This video was shot at the now abandoned Pennhurst Mental Hospital in Spring City, PA. Long time preservationist Sarah McConnell was nice enough to take us there for the shoot. She knew that place inside and out and we were very lucky to have her help us during the shoot.

Wandering the grounds (Photo courtesy of: Rosemary Longchamps)

Nothing ever came of the film festival and nobody ever heard back from Trent. Lots of people were upset and I was for a bit too, cause it would have been nice to hear something or see some type of result… but for me it wasn’t about winning or losing the film festival. In all honesty it was just an excuse to be creative and make a music video for one of my favorite bands of all time. It was a blast to film and edit and I met lots of great people along the way.

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