You’ve Seen The Butcher

Last year I shot a fan video for You’ve Seen The Butcher from the album “Diamond Eyes” by the Deftones. As of late May 2011 I finished all of the edits, color treatments, FX..etc and was fairly happy with my final edit. P.S. its never good enough, I constantly want to change things long after calling projects “done”

For a brief time Velvet Hammer (Deftones Management) was showing interest in the video even though they already had an official video for the song. After a few months of getting pretty much nowhere with them I decided to go ahead and release it for your viewing pleasures.

This is my first real dive into erotic art besides a few PG13ish photo shoots I have done in the past year (2011) as well. Its not likely that my career is going to keep going down this path (just so you know mom) but as an artist and film maker I wanted to stretch my boundaries and explore different extremes of the spectrum. It is important for me to try and be as diverse as possible whether I am shooting/editing something soft, subtle and beautiful of something raw, filthy and edgy.

A #000000

A special thanks to my amazing cast and crew who really took one for the team and came through for me. Mia Wahlberg, Aaron Green, Justin ‘Fish’ Roberts, and Christopher J. Szlachetka

It must of been 100 plus degrees in that smoky, moldy, old hotel room and everyone muscled through it with no complaints… all while not getting paid a dime. I admire anyone who suffers for art and for the handful of gifted, dedicated people out there who will do whatever it takes to see a vision through no matter how hard, weird or risque.

Mild Violence and Adult Content. Viewer Discretion Advised

Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you my artistic interpretation of You’ve Seen The Butcher..

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