I’ve been in quite a few abandoned houses but this one was pretty unique. Whoever the previous owner was left in a real hurry. They left behind so many valuable items from real fur coats to Victorian period furniture… even a really cool Jeep Wrangler in the garage circa early 80’s. It was in great condition too, can’t imagine why they wouldn’t at least try to sell these items or take them with them. I also found so many other things there that I wanted to take with me but alas I lived up to the code (Which I hear most explorers don’t give a shit about any more) “Take only Pictures… Leave Only Footsteps” Oh well I guess I’ll live up to it for as long as I can before I too… cave in.



Light The Way

Weather Station

The Bad News Is… There is no Good News

Yankin My Chain


Seasons of Shit

Film Fetish

Flowers Never Breaking Through The Stone

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