Slow Drip

No doubt the Florida summers are brutally hot and with that Florida heat, comes the humidity too.

Some spots of this house were so moldy that I felt like a had the black lung just 15 minutes into my explore. The walls and wooden furniture seemed to just melt into globs of mold and decay. A slow drip of moisture and mold rendered some things un-recognizable. One table I found was separated into the individual plies of wood or particle board that once made up the table top.. it looked like a stack of old record albums at 1st but when I went to grab one it all came apart in my hands as splinters and dust.

I hate wearing respirators cause its seems to be the iconic explorer thing to wear (even when you don’t need to be wearing one) plus they are hot, annoying and cumbersome.. but I didn’t have much of a choice during this explore.

I want to say that this house was foreclosed on long before the economy shit the bed almost 2 years ago judging by the dates on some of the documents and newspapers that I found. Looks like this guy used to sell metal detectors out of his house or out of the shed I should say.. The house was frozen in the 80’s for the most part but after some poking around I did find some newer, more modern things laying around. I’m guessing homeless people squatted here in the winters at some point, god knows no human in there right mind would try and stay there during the summer.

On the exterior of the house were a series of sheds and make shift work benches all connected to each other. Each space seemed to have its own use or purpose (at one time) but for the most part there was just piles of junk stacked everywhere. No rhyme or reason to most of it so it was hard to piece together a story of what happened here in years past.


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UPDATE 11/22/11

Went back to this house to do a photoshoot with my friend Lissa.. Its really falling apart now. The dining room floor has caved in and there are more soft spots in the floor than ever. Hoping to go back and do a few more shots before it caves in all together.


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