The Ever Elusive Fox

As day breaks, the anticipation of the hunt begins to permeate the air. Today a group of elite, well to do men will leave the comforts of their plush mansions and plentiful bounty to claim their long obsessed trophy. Horses mounted, hounds at their side, and firearms in tow… they set out into the unforgiving countryside. As the bugle sounds, the dogs grow restless, tension builds… and now there is only one thing on their minds… stalk, corner, and capture the much prized… red fox.

Meek, sly, and beautiful…a brief narrative of this highly sought after creature. Her coat is soft, her eyes are elegant, her intuition is dialed in and on point. Even in her native woods she knows that she doesn’t have a chance against these persistent hounds and the greedy men that so eagerly seek her capture. She will have to act quick and make precisely calculated, full proof decisions to get herself out of this predicament…

Almost immediately, instinct kicks in as her genius plans start to come to fruition. The only option for survival and sustainability becomes appallingly clear as she will have to take refuge in the very place they have left behind in order to search for her. The morning sun has barely crested over the tree tops and already she has out smarted them on every level. For the hunters, this will be a unfruitful and frustrating endeavor… for her it will be just another day of upholding the much deserved name and reputation as The Ever Elusive Fox…

“I named this series The Ever Elusive Fox because that sums up Anna in about 4 words. Unobtainable in so many ways.. she is a free spirit that can not be tamed. Her independence and strong will sets her apart from the rest. Men will exhaust their efforts to find her and keep her as their own only to be evaded and disappointed. She’s not like ‘other’ girls in so many ways. She is creative, smart and knows how to survive. Often feeling misunderstood.. one of the things that I find very attractive about Anna is how well she is able to relate with me on a creative level. To thus point, finding someone who could really understand me at my creative core has been close to impossible. Yes she is physically attractive as seen in these photos.. but if you look past her perfect skin, her amazing curves and those penetrating eyes you will also uncover a beautiful mind that is hard not to fall in love with. I don’t exactly know what makes Anna tick and I probably never will, but at the end of the day her allure keeps me intrigued and coming back for more, no matter how much she gets on my nerves sometimes! 😉 I couldn’t imagine such an adventure with anyone else and I most certainly hope its not our last.” – Cary

“I shouldn’t be here, but it doesn’t matter. I get what I want and always get away with it.” – Anna

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