Dirty Laundry

For those who couldn’t be bothered with the ignorant, annoying, and mainstream population of America…the graveyard shift at the laundromat is the only way to go. As the bars let out and the drunks stumble past, even they know she is nothing to be fucked with. They stop to look her up and down, swaying back and forth with that about to vomit, drunken look on their face. She ignores them as they so eagerly try to think of some crafty pick up line… as if they have a chance of sweeping her off her feet and taking her home. All it takes is one bitchy stare down to make the message clear. They wipe that stupid smirk off their face, hang their head in shame, and stumble upon their way. If looks could kill, there would be a stack of dead drunks and transients piled a mile high on the sidewalk out front. Move along gents… I’ve got dirty laundry to do.

holding ground

death stare



Anna has this ‘look’ she does when she is annoyed. I often annoy her, so I see it a lot. Its the look of death and it penetrates deep. Trust me when I tell you.. she has it mastered. It goes kinda like this…

This shoot was a lot of fun, no abandoned buildings this time but I think this location was the perfect spot for what we were trying to accomplish. They claim to have 24 hour surveillance there with cameras all over the place but I have to imagine that is not entirely true. Either way I’m just glad it went off without a hitch, no cops, no trouble. Just a couple drunks poking their heads in to be nosy. Hey I can’t blame ’em.

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