Fashion One Photographer Spotlight

In September of 2012 I had the pleasure of shooting with Kaoru Kikuchi for her KOZO line. When Fashion One (Now Fashion TV) asked if we wanted to feature the shoot for one of their photographer ‘behind the scenes’ videos I gladly accepted… but there was that one lingering question. Where are we going to shoot this?

Not having a studio of my own at the time, I went back and forth thinking of shoot locations. Alas I went back to my urban exploring roots and picked out this late 40’s abandoned train that my friend Rob had taken me to about a year prior to the shoot. I really enjoy shooting with natural light, and this location had plenty of it. I know that’s not the norm for fashion photography.. but trying to drag strobes and soft boxes into an abandonment is easier said than done. Florida weather does not always cooperate. It can be raining one minute and be all sunny five minutes later, but I got really lucky with the lighting conditions on the day of shoot. Now as far as temperature goes, well.. if you have ever been to Miami, in the summer, without A/C you know how hot and humid it can get. How Kaoru didn’t break a sweat once during the shoot is a mystery to me. All in all the shoot was a blast, and I can’t thank her and Fashion One enough for the opportunity.

A special thanks to Lawrence Curtis for shooting this video on such short notice. Also to David Miller from Future Unlimited for allowing me to use their amazing track Lightweight Eyes. And last but not least to RobTech for sharing this awesome location with me.

KOZO Journey (Fashion One Photographer Spotlight)

Model: Kaoru Kikuchi
Photographer: Cary Longchamps
Videographer: Lawrence Curtis
Music: Future Unlimited, Lightweight Eyes
Video Editing: Cary Longchamps

Pearls WindowGazer Kaoru

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