Cebu, Philippines

In May of 2013 I ventured to Asia for about a month. First stop was Singapore, then off to Cebu Philippines. Within the month I was there I managed to narrowly escape death, lose my phone to the ocean, and break my laptop. So yeah… lots of pics gone forever, some of them I am still trying to recover.

I met some amazing people from all around the world while I was there. Got to work with some very talented models, stylists and producers. Learned some lessons (the hard way) started some great relationships (the easy way) and earned a great appreciation for clean water and air conditioning.

I could go on and on.. but seriously, you guys just want to see some pics, so here you go. Perhaps when I recover my laptop hard drive I can add some more, but this is all she wrote for now.


Local kids

8 Pesos can you get you pretty far on a Jeepney

There are goats, chickens, cats and dogs everywhere you look in Cebu

Notice the make shift dam in front of the door, a must have for rainy season

There is always at least one child that shoots me a shitty look while I’m traveling abroad and taking pictures

Mural found on a school wall in one of the shanty towns

People in the Philippines keep their cock on a short leash.. as seen here.


Jesus and Mary get mad props around here

In the Philippines its definitely not about the size of your steeple.. its more about community and people

One picture that I managed to salvage from the day we went island hopping… aka the day I almost bit the dust

InstaCollage Yes.. those are instagrams, the few that I was able to salvage from my phone before it met its demise

Goodbye Asia… until next time

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