Sony F5, 60FPS Test Shoot

During my time at Bigfoot Studios in Cebu, Philippines I was asked to familiarize myself with one of their new cameras… the Sony F5. I was given the camera and a manual on Friday night and had to teach a class about it the next morning to about 15 people. Needless to say I was up for quite a while reading the manual and learning (hands on) how to use it. After a few hours I got the hang of it, and actually it’s not that hard to use at all. The menus are all really intuitive, and I got the hang of it really fast.

So the class came and went.. and now it was time to shoot some tests. One day I was sitting in my office and one of the show producers came in and said.. “grab a couple models and go make some art.” That was it.. no direction, no budget, no hair and makeup.. just go make something happen. Sooooooo… thats what we did. I grabbed Monika and Giada and we just went for it.

All of this was made up as we went along.. thinking “hey this could be shit, or this could be really cool.” At the end of the day.. I think it turned out pretty cool for just pulling it out of thin air. I slapped on a Zeiss 50mm prime, set the camera to 60FPS, 1/120 shutter, gathered up a few props, and we shot until the battery died.

I suggest watching this in 720 or 1080 for best results.

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