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Ever since the 1st time I saw the movie Se7en I have been obsessed with the art of creating opening title sequences. So naturally.. I borrowed music from the best titling sequence ever made (Thank you Trent Reznor and Kyle Cooper) to show off these new stock video clips.

Second reason I made this short video is because some people have told me that the clips in my stock video packs are too short… NONSENSE! You have seen the opening credits for Se7en and American Horror Story, right? Ah Ha!! I rest my case then. This video shows how “short clips” can be used very effectively if they are edited the right way. With a touch of color correction, some light leaks and a dash or twixtor.. I was able to use these stock clips to achieve the Se7en, AHS opening credits kind of look. If you just use these clips “as is” right out of the box… then most likely you will not get the same result, so get creative! Burn ’em, crush ’em and twist ’em up and see what kind of cray cray edit you can come up with. Check out the Anomalous FIlms Blog to see the entire catalog of footage, including FREE HD Stock Video.

*PLEASE NOTE* The focus of this video is to show how these clips could be used in an edit. The video was rendered at a lower resolution on purpose to 1. avoid the use of a pesky, distracting watermark and 2. to deter people from trying to download this clip instead of spending a few bucks on the stock video clips. Rest assured that all Anomalous clips on videohive are full 1080 HD… every clip, every time.

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