360 Degree Product Photography

In addition to 2D product photography/retouching.. I am also well versed in photographing, retouching, and outputting 3D product photography.

With the popularity of tablets and mobile devices on the rise, 3D product photography is becoming more and more prevalent.

The process in which this is done is actually not as complicated as one might think. The product is placed on an automated turntable, and is then pictured from 18-32 different perspectives. Each perspective is saved as a frame. After retouching each frame, you can export these series of pictures (frame by frame) to create a 360 view of your product. With Product Orbit you can export Flash, html, and .gif files.

This is an animated .gif that I created for Coastal Scents with the Product Orbit hardware and software.

360 Degree Product Photography

360 Degree Product Photography

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